It is a big challenge finding the perfect look for one's self for an event. For plus size men, the road to the most amazing look is filled with even more hurdles, all thanks to limited number of manufacturers for plus size clothing. Up until a few years ago, plus sized men had tussled many markets to find a perfect fit jeans or trousers which weren't too tight, but that spar has reduced now with the coming of brands like John Pride. John Pride became one of the few stores serving the demands of a neglected portion of the population and providing big size clothes.

 John Pride brings an array of products in largest of sizes and most stylish of designs because it understands the requirement of comfortable fits and in-style pieces that are desired by plus size men who are unable to find their fit and had to stick to plain, simple looks.

 Those, however,  are problems of the past as one now gets to choose a wide variety of t-shirts, shirts, trousers, jeans, shorts, khakis, bermuda, blazers, so on and so forth. Such men's plus size fashion has been made easily available to the customers at their fingertips through website. Online shopping has cleared the hurdles that earlier seemed to be the highlight of all problems for plus size men.

 Now big sized men can dress up for the occasion with better fittings and styles of clothing. Styling self can often be difficult for those who do not have a concept of fashion, which again poses a threat  of not looking your best despite all the raw materials available. However, a few simple tricks can help you dress better eve if you are not into he fashion industry.

 Look at magazines to help you out with “what goes with what” and find combination and patterns of you choice. Try to find similar clothing items from the magazines in store of your choice. You might not get the exact piece, but anything that falls next will work as well. This helps you establish your choices and browse through shops for better understanding of colours, prints etc..

 Buy clothing items which fit you, and get them in different colours and prints . Multiple solid colour items in the wardrobe are a safe bet and do not need much effort while mixing-matching for a look.

 Buying plus size clothing for a large body does not necessarily mean loose and baggy clothing. It is still necessary to wear clothes of fitting for your body type. Take times to try different sizes from different store to see what fits you like a glove.

 Choose from wide range of colours rather than sticking to an all black attire because it appears to give you a sliming look. Try all kinds of colours (except neons and very bright colours) which may be dark or light. Choose different tints or shades of particular hues to see what fits you. Choose bright colours with small prints for a slimming effect. Do not steer clear of pastels to get a slimming look. Embrace your size and the variety of colours along with it.

 Avoid wearing very short shorts outside the comforts of your home, because it never pleases anyone see someone's shorts riding further up when about to sit. Wear khakis or bermuda as they are comfortable, the right fit and length and removes the awkwardness of riding up the legs.

 Keeping these in mind, keep looking for your looks and flaunt them wherever you go, without having to worry much or spend too much time researching, or looking not-so-good when you step outside your house.