If you always worried about not finding your size or fit, we have some great news! John Pride is launching its first ever women's clothing line for the plus size women. We have always delivered the promise of expected products with no compromise on the quality and caliber, and now we extend that promise to women all around.

Kiaahvi is the next big step into the plus size fashion industry where we brainstormed to combine chic styles and comforts with fabrics to bring you the latest designs with the quality promise. The line will have you covered from head to toes with a wide range of Denims, tops and tees, shrugs and dresses.

 Concocted by our experts, the line covers patterns from minimalist designs to prints to colourblocks and stripes, giving you the choice to mix and match your perfect outfit which is congruent to your energy.



 If you spend an entire day in an outfit, then the outfit has to match all your criteria of perfection. Kiaahvi aims to make your clothes a personal journey of comfort and confidence for you, giving it a sense of uniqueness.

Each piece is a story waiting to be told, to become your personal happy experience.

The line has a special aim of making its way into every women's wardrobe who has had body image doubts. The pressures of perfection has taken down the self esteem of more women than one can count, specially when they are out and about looking for that perfect pair of jeans or the little black dress. Trying to fit into these beauty molds has done more damage that help, and so we stepped up to put an end to it.


John Pride began as a brand to cater to the apparel needs of men on the bigger side of the scale, but now it is extending a helping hand to the big hearted women who deserve to feel beautiful in their own skins and bodies.

 We launch this line in hopes that women begin to love themselves the way they are and do not change parts of themselves just to fit into a fashion agenda. For a long time women have been told what fits them best. History is proof  that the revolution for women began by them rejecting clothes which were oppressive and tormenting to say the least, all to keep them under control. But that is not the case anymore.

 This line is again a step towards a revolution for inclusive fashion. As an organization we take the responsibility to spread this message of body positivity through the comfortable variety and inclusive approach of our women's line Kiaahvi, made for the real women.