Why should you buy from a brand website?

With the increase in the use of internet and the oncoming of e-commerce, a lot of brands have come up in India each serving it’s own niche.

Starting by selling on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc., a lot of brands have set up their own websites through which you can purchase directly.

For a consumers’ point of view, you must be thinking why have brands set up their own websites if they are already available on online marketplaces, or what differences would be there in the overall shopping experience if one decides to purchase directly from the brand website.

We would like to mention it here for you:

  1. 100% Original Products:
  • With the onset of e-commerce, numerous companies/entities have registered themselves on major online marketplaces who are selling the same product or the same brand. You never know which seller is genuine or authorized, or which seller is selling genuine products.  
  • But, when you purchase directly from the brand, you are assured of the product's quality and authenticity.
  • Better Variety & Options:
  • While marketplaces have certain guidelines for showcasing their products on their platform, brands tend to enjoy the freedom and liberty of showcasing all their products, different varieties, and collections on their website.
  • Better Deals:
  • Big funding rounds led by online marketplaces has led to huge discounts on online shopping. With the increasing incidents of fraud, fake products, inflated MRP, and even higher discounts has led to the erosion of consumer's trust on heavily discounted products.
  • When we talk about brand websites, the discounts offered by the brands on special occasions or season sale genuinely passes on the benefits to the consumers.
  •  Not just Selling:
  • Brands who have set up their own online store/brand website are not just focused on selling. One of the core reasons also is to directly connect with the consumers, tell the consumers about the brand values, what the brand aspired to do, what is the reason behind the brand's existence, and build a healthy, long lasting relationship with customers.
  • Complete Shopping Experience:
  • With online shopping, especially apparels/clothes, if the size doesn't fit you can get it exchanged with the larger/smaller size of the same style/product.
  • But, what you cannot do is get a different product in place of your original order like the way you can do it in offline stores. We at John Pride allow our customers to purchase anything against their original order.
  • Claims:
  • If the product delivered to you is not up to the mark, or not as expected in terms of design, color, quality, you can directly raise it to the brand if you've purchased if from the brand's website. This direct communication with the brand keeps you protected and safeguards you from the widespread fraudulent practices.
Hope this article helps you have a better, safe, and genuine online shopping experience in the future. 

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