The Brand Perception



The term “Brand perception” may often be mistaken as strategies fabricated by a company or brand to advertise their product much better than their rivals to sell a commodity.

Brand perception, in reality, is a customer's interpretation of a brand and its value based on the information received by their senses through various interaction and past experiences with their products.

Here at John Pride, we have heard your demands.

We have been more attentive about the functionality and comfort of an outfit for people with a bigger size. We have observed how people with a greater height and girth have struggled over the years to find the clothes which were comfortable and the right fit. We have heard the plight of those people who didn't fit the size norms of the society and its beauty standards. And we have responded with the creation of “John Pride” .

 For the past few decades or so, plus sized people have often been treated as different because their bodies didn't fit the mould that the beauty industry has Set as perfect. Fat- shaming became a form of bullying simply because people didn't understand that the metabolism and biology of one's body were not the same as the others. Obesity can be caused due to slow metabolic rate, a genetic disorder or the changing lifestyle and diet in today's busy and never-stopping world. Fat shaming caused a lot of people to lose confidence in themselves, forcing them to put themselves down again and again because they didn't feel good about themselves.


    However, John Pride heard your protests and had a same vision as you, to find the perfect fit and style for all the plus size men. To save you the time and energy of hunting for hours just to find a shirt which fits you. At John Pride we do not believe in fake body positivist. Being true to ourselves and our vision, we showcase real plus size clothing on real plus size men, to give you the idea of what the actual garment will look like on a body similar to yours and not a perfect figured mannequin.

    Often it is demonstrated that “big” cannot go hand in hand with latest trends or present fashion, but comfortable does not have to be pajamas and lose t-shirts. We have created pieces keeping in mind the latest trends and designs along with the basic eternal classics all in one place. John Pride brings a wide range of t-shirts, shirts, trousers, denims, jackets, blazers and  much more with a flare of fashion right on your fingertips.


    We have solved issues of degraded products in the plus size market by creating collections with the finest of material and best of quality to meet your needs and provide you products worth the value. An exclusive brand catering to the needs of the underserved, we listen to your needs and are there for you at every step of this revolution, to make you feel good about yourself. To break the shackles which have tied the people to the orthodox thinking of a single ideal size . Our message has reached a lot of people and touched many lives on a positive note, we hope to keep this trend going.

    This movement would not have been a success without your support. Your voices have been the major component in beginning this revolutionary change and continues to guide us into the right direction to the common goals. Your support has made it possible for us to stand where we are today. But the journey doesn't end here. Reach out to us and tell us what you need, we are always listening.

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